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5 Stars Rating by Students

For the quality of education we provide to students and focus on student satisfaction, you will be glad to know that we have been given 5 star rating by our student on Google and Facebook


The faculty has got 19 years + teaching experience. Over 10000+ students have already been taught till date.

Stable MCA Faculty

The faculty has MCA qualification i.e Masters in Computer Applications which help us in teaching good quality of education with lot of experience. Also faculty is stable which means your course will be completed by the same faculty who begun the course and well in time, unlike other centres where somebody beguns and somebody other ends and not also in time.

100% Syllabus covered

The syllabus covered by us is 100% whereas other institute which offer less charges and cover only 50-70% of the syllabus.

19+ Years Teaching Experience

The faculty has got 19 years + teaching experience which help us to understand students most difficult topic with ease. Students who were not able to understand from many teachers grasped the topic with ease.

Concept Based Quality Education

Concept Based Teaching is taught to students so that they do not cram and instead should focus on concept building so that student gets maximum benefit when he / she goes for the job.

Centre managed by owners themselves

Centre is run by owners themselves and not by employees like other institutes. In other institute, the person teaching is only linked with the salary he gets without taking much pain in student's problems, but here the centre is managed by owners themselves who take lot of care personally to solve student problems.

Ample Practical Examples

Every student is given ample practical examples so that he can get hold of the course perfectly. Proper projects, questions related to the topic are given regularly.

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